Turning Bare into Beautiful

Bare walls have their up sides. They open up a room and have the potential to make it feel bigger and brighter than it really is. The problem with these blank canvases, however, is that they are just that; blank, impersonal, without any warmth and just plain boring in excess. Creating an inspiring feature wall is one of the best ways to make your home feel cozier as well as personalize your space to truly make your home your own.
There are a variety of ways to decorate a bare wall from DIY projects to original artwork, here we will discuss some of the most common and easy ways to make a space you are really proud of.
DIY Projects
Who knew arts and crafts class would be one of the best ways to save money later on in life? DIY home décor projects are some of the coolest and most inexpensive ways to dress up your space. Emerging concepts such as upcycling have promoted the use of old materials in a new and exciting way.
Wine cork art is a really inexpensive (basically free) and interesting way to create homemade pieces for your walls. You can find tons of cool inspirations on .
For a more rustic and potentially free inspiration, wood pallets are great canvases to create or display your own masterpieces!
Picture Collages
A well-planned picture collage can turn out to look really amazing. The best part is that you can create the design to match all different kinds of aesthetics. Also, the potential for display objects is endless. You can use classic black and white images, a combination of your own photographs and purchased ones or why not try to add a little bit of found artwork in there?
Some collages are very elegant and clean. They feature similar picture frames, mattings and pictures in an organized arrangement. Even though this is a collage of many images, it still feels well put together and planned. Using simple black and white frames against colored walls also created a nice neat contrast that is both aesthetically pleasing and calming.
Some of the most interesting picture collages are ones that have no particular obvious pattern, but rather the shapes and colors flow together to create one cohesive piece.
©Hermera Technology
These eclectic mixes use a variety of colors, textures and styles together to create an interesting and beautiful wall decoration. This goes well also with the mix of furniture.
Original Artwork
One of the most classic and traditional ways to decorate a bare wall is to hang a piece of original artwork. The piece is the focal point of the room and many times if you find the artwork first, you can then design a room around it. It is great if the room perfectly echoes the artwork and that is where your eyes are drawn. It creates a bright and cheerful contrast from the stark white walls.
Abstract original artwork is also great for any room and it has the potential to be a great conversation starter!
With the convenience of the Internet, we can browse through original artwork without having to travel to our local gallery. Sites like saatchiart.com give you the chance to find some really great original paintings in all kinds of prices and styles.
These are some of the ideas to turn your blank canvas into something magnificent. Of course, this is a creative process, what do you think is the best way to turn bare into beautiful?
- See more at: http://www.icreatived.com/2014/05/turning-bare-into-beautiful.html#sthash.5DQRfvmQ.dpuf


  1. I don't like bare walls. I know it's so cool and fashionable theese days, but i think i'm little oldfashioned about it. Cool blog by the way :)

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